Cloud Security. Get Your Data on Lockdown.

Unitas has partnered with Alert Logic, the experts in cloud security, to provide our clients with a security strategy that allows them to stay ahead of threats no matter where sensitive data resides – off-prem, on-prem or hybrid.


Our joint cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions protect client networks and identify potential threats to their data. With minimal capital costs and an OpEx model, our joint solution is scalable, easy to consume and seamless to integrate and deploy.

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  • Threat Manager
    • intrusion detection solution
    • vulnerability assessment technologies
    • ongoing security content updates
    • 24x7 security incident response
    • PCI DSS 10.2, 10.3, 10.5, 10.6, & 10.7
  • Log Manager
    • real time & scheduled analysis of log data
    • collects, aggregates, normalizes log data
    • storage & protection against loss
    • PCI DSS 10.2, 10.3, 10.5, 10.6, & 10.7
  • Web Security Manager
    • protection against web application attacks
    • utilizes web app firewall technologies
    • investigates malformed website requests
    • 24x7 monitoring & response
    • PCI DSS 6.5d & 6.6
  • Active Intelligence
    • creates & maintains relevant security content
    • manages internal / external insight to incidents
    • creates, organizes & tests security content
    • provides most up-to-date protection
  • Deep Security Insight

    We design specifically for protecting sensitive data and reducing risk. By integrating technologies and services at the network, systems, and application tiers, we can effectively deliver deeper insight to identify potential compliance and security issues.

  • Continuous Protection

    Through our Cloud Management Center, clients have 24 hour monitoring and proactive support, providing cutting edge security expertise and attention by a staff of GIAC-certified security analysts and security experts.

  • Security As A Service

    A team of security experts creates and manages up-to-date security content, correlation rules, reviews identified security incidents, and responds 24x7x365. This service includes all software, monitoring, and support to maintain compliance and improve client security.

  • Global Coverage

    Our security services can go anywhere you go. Certified on all major public cloud platforms and deployable across traditional hosted & on-prem environments, our solutions natively protect your IT infrastructure and public cloud.

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