Enterprise Private Cloud. Our Priority.

EPC is the combination of dedicated IT infrastructure and modern cloud technology.


By melding multiple facets of IT (data center, network, compute, storage, software, operations & management) into a single, secure, end-to-end solution, Unitas Global can deliver your private cloud environment as a monthly service.

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  • Infrastructure

    We custom architect, procure, deploy and manage a truly private infrastructure solution to best fit our clients’ needs—from data center, network, compute, and storage, all through Unitas Global.

  • Unitas AtlasTM

    The EPC infrastructure is then wrapped in Unitas AtlasTM our unified monitoring platform that provides you with full insight to comprehensively manage the health and performance of your IT environment, as a service.

  • End-to-end SLA

    We back your EPC with an end-to-end SLA that guarantees application uptime. Our cloud management center operates 24x7x365 to provide real time managing and monitoring of your IT environment.

  • Global

    With access to over 130 of the top data center facilities worldwide, Unitas can host your infrastructure in a location that is best for your business.

  • Custom

    Because we are technology agnostic, we provide a solution designed to best fit your IT and legacy application requirements.

  • Secure

    Since we build dedicated environments from the ground-up, we’re able to implement each client’s specific security requirements.

  • Dedicated

    All network, hardware and software are dedicated to a single client, providing the security and dependability needed for mission critical applications.

  • Scalable

    Our dedicated private cloud solutions can be designed with the necessary headroom to anticipate your growth. Hybrid cloud solutions and management are also available.

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