Bringing Harmony to Hybrid

Get your IT in sync with our fully integrated Hybrid Cloud Solutions.


Unitas Hybrid Cloud Solutions integrate your on-prem, data center, and public infrastructure into one streamlined, fully managed IT solution. Spin up VMs in Microsoft Azure’s public cloud or in your dedicated OpenStack private cloud in Tokyo, all through one simple user interface. Get your IT in sync and spend more time focusing on your core business applications. Download Onesheet

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  • Global

    Unitas Global hosts our clients’ infrastructure in a location that is best for their business. We are committed to deploying in any data center facility our clients need us in - globally.

  • Private

    All network, hardware and software are dedicated to a single client, providing the security and dependability needed for mission critical applications.

  • Agnostic

    Using OpenStack as a common framework, we are able to deliver fully agnostic solutions that integrate with legacy technology. Independent from any hardware or software company, we truly support a multi-vendor approach.

  • Secure

    With Security at the forefront of OpenStack concerns, we tackle any issues head-on. We can architect a solution to fit your security requirements. Using secure data messaging, encryption, and physically separated tenants, you can sleep easy. Our highlighted security features include:

    • Encryption
    • Tenant separation
    • SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPPA Compliancy
  • Cost Saving

    Significant cost savings for predictable workloads in private infrastructure, with the ability to use on-demand resources for short-term or burst requirements.

  • User Interface

    Single User Interface when spinning up and sharing workloads between AWS, Azure, Google CP, private, and on-prem cloud environments. Utilize private cloud where it makes sense and public where it makes sense—all from one place.

  • Connectivity

    Secure, high-performance connections provide virtualized, private direct connections that bypass the Internet to provide better security and performance with a range of bandwidth options. On-demand, automated connectivity to clouds through our portal and APIs simplify the process of provisioning and managing connections to multiple cloud services and networks.

  • Cloud Reporting

    Cloud Reporting provides real-time visibility of assigned resources and accrued costs, as well as the ability to scale up or down according to budget and resource requirements. With included Showback/Chargeback capabilities, you can clearly communicate cloud costs to business units, projects, and executive management. More detailed information provided in our downloadable onesheet, or contact the team.

Download More Information

Our onesheets are a downloadable version of what’s above. View our full library of onesheets under Resources.