Partner to Win: 3 Providers Leveraging Unitas Reach™ and Unitas Nexus™

The combination of Unitas Reach™ and Unitas Nexus™ provides one of the most advanced go-to-market platforms for managed service providers (MSP), hyperscale cloud providers, and data center operators in the global network market.


Today, most data center operators and MSPs have sold network access on an individual case basis and are managing network interconnecting multiple cloud services and customer sites with limited visibility and control. As enterprises expect access to any application from anywhere at any time, it is clear that digital transformation is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Legacy networks are no longer optimal for accessing multi-cloud. New interconnected solutions are required to address today’s changing business requirements.


The Unitas Way

A fully managed cloud network fabric is invaluable to data centers and MSPs as they continue to innovate and develop cloud technologies and related services—from strategy and design to migration, optimization, and ongoing support. Sophisticated automation, monitoring, and orchestration to both the enterprise and cloud edge make the entire interconnect fabric unmatched in enabling complete flexibility in service creation and scaling capacity.


Discover how three providers leveraged the power of Unitas Reach™ and Unitas Nexus™ to add value to their portfolios and win business:




Sungard Availability Services: 

Our partnership with Sungard AS enables the delivery of a reliable, high performance, fully managed network fabric that simplifies connectivity operations and creates an on-ramp to their data centers, essentially transforming their data centers into connectivity hubs worldwide.


“Leveraging Unitas’ expertise as a network provider, we’re able to offer our customers a truly unique array of capabilities to meet the customer challenges of today and tomorrow.” 

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In addition to connecting to the cloud of their choice on-demand, Equinix Fabric now enables businesses to instantly connect to multiple network services such as those available on the Unitas Reach network through the Unitas NexusTM Marketplace. Together, Equinix and Unitas make on-demand network access even easier for our customers.


Equinix Fabric and Unitas Global is a winning combination for Platform Equinix customers who can now connect to 900 data centers and 30 million enterprise locations on the Unitas Reach network via Equinix Fabric.” 

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Console Connect by PCCW Global:

Console Connect and Unitas Global teamed up to extend the automated reach of our respective on-demand interconnection platforms to more markets worldwide, providing more flexible and competitive network solutions for enterprises and carriers.


“By bringing together the Console Connect and Unitas Nexus platforms through a carrier-grade network interconnection, we are able to seamlessly extend the ability to provision and pay for network services in real-time.” 

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The combination of Unitas Reach™ and Unitas Nexus™ provides an innovative interconnected network solution that offers visibility and control of services, global reach, and intelligent automated tools to further differentiate data center and MSP offerings in the market.  Click here to schedule a meeting and learn how you can expand your product portfolio with connectivity.

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