Lessons Learned from the Attack on SolarWinds Orion: Don’t Leave Your Network Vulnerable

The criticality of security cannot be overstated.  2020 saw an unprecedented number of attacks on both infrastructure and networks.  Just uncovered in December 2020, the Russian government hacked SolarWinds Orion® Platform for network monitoring and IT management.  In doing so, the Russians gained access to “at least 18,000 government and private networks” belonging to a […]

The Virtual Doctor Is In: Telehealth’s Shifting Network & Cloud Needs

Accelerated by the current global health situation, telehealth is taking hold as the new model for medical care.  Doctors can talk to patients about symptoms as well as analyze medical images and information from anywhere.  Patients can access doctors with more ease and comfort from their own homes.  With this digital healthcare transformation, large data […]

How One Connection Gives You Multiple Services

By Ed Valentino, Connectivity Solution Architect   I get a lot of questions from network managers asking how to better utilize the bandwidth they have and how to improve performance or add new applications without just adding another circuit.  And if I am honest, I get even more questions about how to reduce bandwidth costs.  My […]

Unitas Recognized for Multi-Service Access Solution in 2020 Pipeline Innovation Awards

Unitas Global has been recognized amongst a group of outstanding winners in the 2020 Pipeline Innovation Awards in the categories of Innovation in Networking Technology and Innovation in Managed Services.  Our multi-service access solution, delivering managed connectivity service over our software-defined interconnected cloud fabric, was recognized for its ability to solve enterprise cloud connectivity challenges […]

Keeping Hybrid Cloud Agile

CIOs see the cloud as a predominant enabler of IT architecture and its modernization. They are increasingly migrating workloads and redirecting a greater share of their infrastructure spending to the cloud. While this migration represents a dramatic technology overhaul, tech executives also view it as a trigger to reevaluate IT functions.   CIOs are learning […]

5 Reasons We Are Grateful for Cloud Technologies

Since Unitas Global started in 2011, we have partnered with our enterprise clients to enable their digital transformation by moving their workloads and applications to the cloud.  As needs changed, we grew our offerings from private cloud infrastructure and managed services to include public cloud and cloud connectivity, providing our clients with the increased agility […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Transition Your Corporate Data Center to The Cloud

A recent article in InformationWeek states that “even with cloud, companies don’t want to give up their internal data centers.” The article explains why companies have been reluctant to give up their internal data centers, but the truth is that companies ascribing to these reasons are going to be left behind. To maintain a competitive […]

2020 State of the Cloud Report

Flexera recently published its annual State of the Cloud Report which highlights numerous findings on cloud usage trends in the enterprise. Some key findings include:   -Cloud spend is increasing. At the same time, maintaining control over cloud spend continues to be a struggle for the enterprise   -Public cloud adoption and usage are on […]

Connectivity as a Service – the Easy Button for Cost Savings and Network Management

Today, most global and even multi-city businesses need to rely on multiple infrastructure and service providers for networking coverage and IT services, a situation that is worsening with the increasing adoptions of cloud computing and globally distributed work environments. Connectivity is a highly fragmented market with thousands of available providers of varying cost and quality, […]

The Importance of Connectivity to the Modern Data Center

10 Minutes with Joe DeSantis   Finance, technology, content, healthcare, and retail businesses process tons of information every day. Businesses that produce and utilize data require data centers in running their operations. Data centers are where large amounts of data is collected, stored, processed, and distributed. They are responsible for data backup and recovery, hosting […]