Avoiding the Risks of Multinational Cloud Storage

It can be tough to navigate the wildly varying data security standards around the globe. It’s even more difficult when some regions have opposite practices and attitudes around privacy. In speaking with IB Times, Unitas Global CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood outlines the differences in privacy standards, the risks, and ways to mitigate them when designing your multinational cloud strategy:

“Ultimately, the modern cloud-based enterprise’s need for global connectivity and high latency drives the requirement for cloud connectivity overseas. Maintaining cloud connectivity all over the world ensures a high-enough latency for the customer to encounter a strong and fast user experience.

But vastly different privacy environments internationally create a compliance challenge. For example, Germany has led the data privacy legislation front since the 1970s, when it passed the world’s first federal data protection law…

China harbors a very different data privacy environment. Rather than criminalizing a lack of data privacy, the Chinese government has broad authority to access data on servers within China, as well as potentially inspecting data entering and exiting the country. It’s even gone after data stored in other countries.”

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Avoiding the Risks of Multinational Cloud Storage

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