AWS Backup: How Amazon’s Disaster Recovery Solution Measures Up

In January, Amazon launched AWS Backup, a full data protection and disaster recovery solution. Information Week took a look at what the solution means for 3rd-party vendors and spoke to our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood about how backup solutions from other providers compare:

“AWS Backup is a good way of simplifying backup across multiple Amazon services, says Grant Kirkwood, founder and chief technology officer of Unitas Global, a cloud solutions provider. It may also put competing backup providers in a challenging spot. “There is a community of companies that have created backup solutions and they span the gamut of legacy and traditional backup vendors,” he says. Those providers tend to offer backup services that are, to a certain extent, more comprehensive and feature-rich than what AWS is rolling out.

Kirkwood says the ease of use offered through AWS Backup could drive its swift adoption and disrupt the competition. “If I was a large AWS partner [who offers backup services], I would be very focused on accelerating the rate of innovation,” he says. “People have the tendency to take the path of least resistance.””

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AWS Backup & disaster recovery

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