Unitas Wins Visionary Spotlight Award for Innovation In Digital Transformations

We’re excited to announce that Unitas Global has won the 2022 Visionary Spotlight Award for Innovation in Digital Transformations for our innovative Unitas Nexus™ platform! The Unitas Nexus™ platform simplifies network design, price, and order with Expedia-like visibility into available global WAN connectivity options from the enterprise edge to cloud everywhere.


Unitas Global enables digital transformation for enterprises in both major and emerging markets through its combination of automated network design and purchasing combined with its global interconnected network fabric, Unitas Reach™.


With Unitas Nexus™, partners and enterprises can easily design, price, and order WAN, Internet, and Cloud Connect services from over 50+ million local edge locations, including 900 carrier neutral data centers in 160+ countries to distributed cloud applications across any hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or private cloud location.



Unitas Nexus™ uniquely gives users visibility into available services that can be scaled up or down to meet the demands of today’s organizations that need high performance access to SaaS applications and multi-cloud solutions. For the first time, network managers and buyers can design edge to everywhere services that easily stitch together physical and virtual services and provide available competitive pricing.


The power of Unitas Nexus™ not only simplifies connecting new locations. The knowledge base of locations, services, and pricing enables service providers and enterprises to optimize the price and performance of existing WAN and private networks. Users can upload their entire estate of services and get real-time visibility into new designs and pricing, enabling them to quickly make decisions on transforming networks for increased data movement.


Carrier Relations

“Unitas Nexus™ functions as a force multiplier by greatly reducing the level of effort and time needed to design and order resilient network solutions.”


Solution Architects

“Having multiple designs available to consider ensures we can help enterprises find the right network options to meet their requirements, no matter how those change through the process.”


Procurement Manager

“With the increased use of cloud applications for our employees, we needed to understand how we could reduce costs and get rid of stranded circuits. Unitas Nexus™ is an application that’s intuitive and easy to use.”


Sales Agent

“Being able to design and price SD-WAN options to thousands of locations globally in hours—not weeks—is a game changer for helping enterprises transform their WAN.”


Unitas is thrilled to be recognized amongst a group of outstanding winners in the 2022 Visionary Spotlight Awards. The annual VSA competition highlights channel and service provider innovation in communications. The awards honor outstanding products, services and deployments across numerous categories. Unitas previously received a VSA for Best International Internet Solution in 2021.


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The Unitas Global mission is to transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions for our enterprise clients. We are passionate about excellence, built on the foundation of trust, integrity, and devoted to exceptional customer experiences.

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