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For a SaaS provider, ensuring a continual connection to the cloud for their service is paramount. If a SaaS provider’s client was undergoing a critical healthcare screening or trying to accept orders for their restaurant when they lost their connection, that end user doesn’t care why the connection they were using went offline or for how long. Their main concern is that their service was down, and they were unable to accomplish their task. That one interaction, however brief, is enough to derail sales opportunities and ensure a negative customer experience.


For this reason, companies should make sure their services are connected to the cloud in multiple ways, using multiple or redundant paths. This redundancy assures clients that if one port or connection were to become unusable due to congestion or inaccessibility, the secondary path or failover would allow the user to continue to access the application while the issue was being resolved.


Redundancy has always been important for providers whose reputations are based on ease of access and maintaining service levels for their customers. Now that most social gatherings, business meetings, and educational classwork is done virtually, it has become even more important.


One of our customers is a SaaS provider who delivers online training courses nationwide to their corporate clients. This customer had been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their cloud platform but discovered that they only had a single path connecting users to their applications in the cloud. They realized that they needed a connection to ensure continued connectivity for their clients to their platform, enabling their training videos to be watched without interruption.


The unique benefit of Unitas’ network allowed us to design a Dual Route 1 GigE Cloud Connect path to their AWS location. Using two different metro fiber routes, we were able to take advantage of our robust network connections to provide a superior level of redundancy at a lower price point for the customer.


Unitas Global Cloud Connect offers our customers the ability to gain access to a number of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Through our high-performing fiber-based connections, customers gain access to their choice of platform around the world, from over 30 million edge locations and more than 900 regional data centers, with guaranteed speed, reliability, and security.


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