Connectivity as a Service – the Easy Button for Cost Savings and Network Management

Today, most global and even multi-city businesses need to rely on multiple infrastructure and service providers for networking coverage and IT services, a situation that is worsening with the increasing adoptions of cloud computing and globally distributed work environments. Connectivity is a highly fragmented market with thousands of available providers of varying cost and quality, and no one service provider has network connectivity everywhere.


How many network carriers, contracts and invoices do you manage?


How quickly can you get a connectivity quote in a new country or city?


This fragmentation leads to operational complexity in identifying, ordering, managing, and supporting connectivity. To reduce some of the complexity, enterprises choose to work with system integrators and service providers that resell connectivity from multiple underlying network operators. While this can provide some improvement in the complexity of procurement and support, it still leaves gaps in end-to-end performance and worsens cost performance.


A question we hear a lot is can Unitas monitor and manage existing circuits? And then can you recommend potential cost savings?


The short answer is YES.


Managing Existing Circuits

The longer answer is that instead of maintaining network relationships with different resellers and providers all over the world, enterprises engage with Unitas for optimal management, procurement, operation, and support of their existing and future network connectivity.


Like many network management services, the first step is setting up a Letter of Authority (LOA) authorizing Unitas to approach suppliers on the company’s behalf. What is different is Unitas Atlas™.


Unitas’ integrated management platform, provides proactive network monitoring of an unlimited number of operators and services, enabling our engineers to identify and address service and equipment problems quickly. Unitas utilizes network interface devices (NIDs) to define the network edge and provide end-to-end network monitoring of any connectivity services under management. The deployment of NIDs at the customer edge enables Unitas to provide advanced fault management and service protection of any underlying connectivity service. Telemetry from each device (utilization, performance, events) is captured and relayed to the Unitas analytics engine to be viewed in the Unitas Atlas™ management platform.



Unitas becomes a company’s extended team that will manage and reconcile orders, invoices, contracts, and SLAs; file disputes and claims; design and procure new services, manage schedules and timelines, and put money back in budgets all while freeing up IT resources to focus on strategic business initiatives.


Cost Savings

For cost savings, Unitas utilizes a network mark to market approach to gain an understanding of the full inventory of an enterprise’s connectivity services, terms, and pricing compared to what is available in the marketplace. Many IT managers have limited access to the real-time market intelligence necessary to understand how network services, contracts, and pricing compare to the market. Unitas leverages an unparalleled amount of proprietary market intelligence and automated real-time data to ensure the best market indexing. Unitas Global has developed specific tools, processes, and methodologies to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of connectivity, analyzing installed networks, and identifying opportunities to achieve savings through financial and physical network grooming.



Leveraging its expert analytical capabilities as well as the market intelligence of its automated connectivity manager, Unitas collects, cleans, and analyzes network inventory and raw data, including circuit inventory data and invoices, to identify financial and physical performance factors. Cost savings are determined by comparing different options, including least-cost alternative carriers and services for all circuits, re-homing circuits to least-cost points of presence (PoPs), and analyzing the differences between interconnection services versus end-to-end services. In addition to physical optimization, services include ongoing financial optimization via contract renegotiation, appropriate tariff application, and accurate rate calculations.


Whatever network management challenges enterprise are facing, Unitas will manage clients through them. Unlike any other managed network provider, Unitas offers all of its Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) clients priority interconnection to its award-winning end-to-end local access and IP cloud network. Choose CaaS to keep your operations running smoothly and cost-effectively into the future.


It’s easy. Read more about fully managed enterprise network services.

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