Main Differentiators of Unitas Global’s Cloud Connectivity Solution (Video)

Are you struggling to determine how to move your data to the cloud? Overwhelmed with the logistics and options? The last thing you want is for your mission critical application to not perform optimally.

Our Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) software allows you to price from any location or building that your enterprise is located in to any of the 700 data centers around the world at the click of a button.

In this short video, Unitas Global CEO, Patrick Shutt, explains how Unitas can make your journey to the cloud more efficient, cost-effective, and easy.

Watch the video here, and read the full transcript below.


Cloud Connectivity Solution


Full Transcript:

Enterprises, as they start to move from their on-premise solutions into data centers or into clouds, the way they’ve done that the last five years is the internet. So, if you have a mission critical application that you want to effectively move into a data center or a cloud, the last thing in the world you want it to do is not perform. So, companies are now looking for dedicated solutions or dedicated network connectivity to get them from where the workload starts to where the cloud resides, or the data center resides.

Unitas has built two things. Number one, we have built a network that allows us to connect to over 700 data centers around the world, and then two, we built a system of record, a software, that allows us to be able to price from any location, any building where the enterprise is located, into any of those 700 data centers around the world–all through automation. It makes us extremely unique, and it also positions us extremely well for future growth.

There are no other software that compete with us in this space, particularly in the cloud and MSP space, which is really getting the data center community and cloud service providers very interested in Unitas, which is great for us to see.


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Differentiators for Unitas Global's Cloud Connectivity Solution

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