Flow Analytics: What it is, Why You Need it, and Why Unitas Global

The Internet is continuously changing and with it the tools and technologies needed to ensure network health and performance. Flow analytics are vital for companies to have deep insight into the performance and health of data running in their network environment. They provide a comprehensive view into the flow of data for Internet services, enabling users to quickly view Internet traffic movement, where it’s coming from, and if there are any active threats (including DDoS attacks) that they should be aware of.


Just like metadata describes a piece of content (like a video on YouTube or an article that appears in Google Search), flow data describes how data is being streamed and used. When you put it all together, it provides a significant amount of intelligence into the network—enabling companies to troubleshoot network issues, identify bandwidth hogs, and improve overall performance more quickly and easily.


There’s just one hiccup. Collecting and analyzing flow data is incredibly compute-intensive and hard to do, making flow analytics prohibitively expensive for an enterprise to procure from an external provider. This is what sets Unitas Internet apart from the rest. Unitas recognizes the importance of flow analytics for an organization and provides these insights as part of our Internet solution at no extra cost. Customers get a comprehensive view into the flow data for their IP services without worrying about the often high additional expense.



There are multiple reports available with Unitas Internet, including:

Traffic Overview: This is a great starting place to begin exploring your IP service. Explore ingress and egress traffic, top subnets, ports, geographies, and more.

Global Traffic: This daily roll-up report helps management understand broad traffic patterns by providing a high-level, global view of traffic.

Security Overview: Help SecOps users understand current network threats such as botnet communications, hosts talking to threat agents, inbound scanning, and more.

Inbound DDoS: Investigate, quickly diagnose, and understand inbound DDoS attack traffic to inform mitigation actions and reporting.

Attack: Dig into a specific insight or alarm associated with potentially malicious network activity.

IP Investigation: View network activity details for an IP or IP Range.

Macro Traffic Trends: Gain an understanding of high-level traffic patterns and trends.

NetOps Overview: Get an at-a-glance understanding of how traffic is flowing over your IP service. Learn where traffic is coming from, where it’s going.

Customer Intelligence Report: Gain visibility into how on-net users are using the IP service


On top of this, our IP solution includes threat mitigation by providing blackhole mitigation for IP customers. If your organization is hit with an attack large enough to cause an outage, we automatically initiate a “remotely-triggered blackhole.” This temporarily takes the attack destination offline to stop attacks as they occur without impacting other customers on the network.


Learn more about our IP solution and how you can start benefiting from complimentary flow analytics today.



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