The Future of Cloud for Media + Entertainment

According to a recent TechTarget article, the media and entertainment industry—which has historically been slower to embrace cutting-edge technologies—has recently experienced a huge uptick in cloud adoption rates. Why are these companies making the shift now and what does it all mean for the future of the vertical?


Why Now?

M+E companies today face several key challenges, chief among them the need to constantly create more and more content. Ongoing shifts in media consumption and delivery add another wrinkle to an already complex process, as does the need to localize content for different languages while collaborating with multiple content teams worldwide. As many M+E companies are discovering, the cloud can help.


Cloud Benefits

Cloud technologies ensure lower costs through more predictable, OpEx-based pricing. They also allow for easier streaming and digital viewership, creating new, optimized workflows. An M+E network running in the cloud also requires fewer employees, which in turn negates the need for a huge studio space and saves the company even more money.


Coming Soon: Cloud Outlook

Though the current trend toward cloud adoption is indisputable, experts advise caution (and plenty of research) for organizations making the jump. Because their challenges and workflows are constantly evolving—and cloud capabilities vary from provider to provider—M+E companies will be best served by partnering with a trusted advisor to ensure the cloud is fully integrated into their product and content strategies.

Unitas delivers high-density, low-latency hybrid cloud environments for our M+E customers (read more here). From helping an online gaming company launch a new game in 30 days to achieving lightning-fast content delivery for a major TV network, we’re ready to help your organization meet the industry’s growing demands.


Are you an M+E company looking to move to the cloud? Check out the full TechTarget article here and click here to see how Unitas can help your organization succeed.

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