High-Speed Internet Provider Leverages IP Direct Peering to Deliver Better Quality Services

Connectivity is a critical part of how many companies deliver their services, it is the path that connects users with data.  This is the case with one of our managed services provider (MSP) clients. This particular client provides high-speed WIFI and video services to tenants in multi-dwelling housing, such as university dorms, hotels, hospitals, and apartment buildingsServicing the building tenants requires fast performance and availability at all times. And because tenants are using streaming video content and on line gaming platforms, they need a network that can quickly route to applications and content providers for the best viewer experience.  


This MSP chose Unitas to solve their problems with an Dedicated Internet connectivity solutionUnitas offers the client Internet access to a global network architected with direct peering to the content providers they neeto access—a capability very few internet service providers offer. Through direct peering, the client has a direct connection to the content provider and does not have to traverse the public Internet or ‘hop’ between multiple transport networks. Direct peering enables Unitas to reduce latency in the networkwhich in turn makes for a higher quality user experience.  


By working with Unitas Global, this MSP enjoys a scalable, high-performance Internet access solution that empowers them to offer the best services to their customers. Additionally, Unitas’ Connectivity platform enables the MSP to save time and resources on service design, pricing, test and turn up and support.  The Unitas managed offering not only helps our client reduce cost and operate efficiently today, but provides a future-proof and scalable network for future solution innovation.  As an extension of the clients operations, Unitas provides a single point of contact for all of their connectivity needs.

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