High-Speed Internet Provider Leverages Connectivity Solution to Deliver Quality Services (Case Study)

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Connectivity is a critical part of how many companies deliver their services, which is the case with one of our clients. This particular client provides high-speed WIFI and video services to tenants in multi-dwelling housing, such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, and moreServicing the client’s customers requires high performance and availability at all times. And because the client offers streaming video content, they need a network that can connect as closely as possible to their many content providers for the best viewer experience.  


The client chose Unitas to solve their problems with a connectivity solutionUnitas offers the client Internet access with direct peering to the content providers they neeto access—a capability very few managed service providers can extend. Through direct peering, the client has a direct connection to the content provider and does not have to traverse the public Internet or ‘hop’ between networks. Direct peering provides a more cost-effective solution for the client and enables Unitas to reduce latency in the networkwhich in turn makes for a higher quality user experienceThe client also chose Unitas for our long-term interconnect and for help with decommissioning their existing points of presence.  


By working with Unitas Global, the client enjoys a scalable, high-performance Internet access solution that empowers them to offer the best services to their customers. Connectivity from Unitas enables the client to save resources in terms of both cost and staff hours that they can now reinvest in their business.

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