Three Things That Make Unitas IP Service Different

You know that the Internet is quickly becoming part of everything we do in our business lives.  How we access our applications, collaborate with colleagues, view business analytics, and file share – it all travels over the Internet.


But did you know that not all IP providers are the same?  The global Internet is a collection of separate, but interconnected networks, each of which is managed as a single administrative domain called an Autonomous Systems (AS).  There are over sixty thousand AS numbers assigned to a wide variety of companies, education, governments, and internet service providers.


Unitas has built its IP network (AS1828) by creating efficient direct connections with SaaS providers, content providers and other internet providers to ensure the best possible and shortest routing for our customers.  Wherever possible, Unitas bypasses handing traffic off to other Internet transport networks entirely, in order to deliver content and streaming media more efficiently for and between our customers.


Three Things That Make Unitas IP Services Different:

  1. Direct Peering to SaaS providers – Unitas aggressively connects to others to improve performance for our clients.  Private direct peering is an interconnection that allows two networks to connect and exchange traffic directly without having to pay a third party to carry their traffic across the Internet.  Unitas directly peers with over 4000 SaaS providers, content providers, and broadband networks, over links that Unitas controls and can guarantee the route, available bandwidth, and performance.  Unitas connects directly to high-demand SaaS and content providers (like Microsoft 365, Google, Amazon, and Zoom) delivering lower latency, improved customer experiences, and faster access to business-critical applications and services than using the public Internet.
    Bottom line: Better access to and experience of SaaS applications for users
  1. Bypassing Tier 1 Transit – Another Unitas difference is that we built our IP network to bypasses the Tier 1 core entirely, wherever possible, and take customer traffic directly to its destination, traversing the fewest number of networks and interconnections.  The result is that Internet traffic takes a shorter route to its destination, over an Internet network that Unitas controls allowing stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantee the route and available bandwidth.
    Bottom line:  Higher performing Internet
  1. Greater Routing Options – Unlike Internet providers with restrictive peering policies that have little diversity in their routing tables, Unitas has a large number of options by which to route its customers’ traffic.  Unitas still maintains connectivity to multiple Tier 1 Internet providers as well as to many of the other Tier 2 Internet providers and public Internet Exchanges, ensuring there are no holes in our network routing table; rather, there are multiple ways to get to every destination on the Internet. Continuous analysis of Internet traffic enables Unitas to understand traffic flows and improve routing as well as constantly improve our network with new connections and routes.
    Bottom line: Service resiliency


IP Services from Unitas Global: Built for High Performance, Resiliency, and Best User Experience 


Unitas’ dedicated high performance Internet Access services are designed for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency. Unitas’ unique combination of route optimized transit and direct connection to SaaS and content providers offers a high quality, cost-efficient alternative to traditional public internet services and multi-homed networks.


Learn more about Unitas IP Services: download our data sheet here.

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