Maintaining Business Continuity with Cloud

Amid recent public health concerns, business continuity is top of mind for the enterprise—and for good reason. Maintaining business continuity is key to staying competitive in a global economy. Luckily, business disruption can be mitigated if your organization has a business continuity plan in place for your staff and with your service providers.


The use of cloud solutions has simplified business continuity plans for all businesses, allowing for applications to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Remote access enables teams to work in distributed locations with the same efficiency as working together in an office. Collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and G-Suite, enable near real-time communication between teams globally; many of these tools are already a large part of a company’s day-to-day operations.


But not all organizations have operations in place to support remote employees on a full-time basis. More people may need to be set up with a VPN so they can access company resources securely from their homes. There is also the concern that remote workers will not have the support staff they need to help them.


Managed service providers offer essential support to employees working remotely. Unitas Global’s Service Desk offers 24x7x365 of dedicated service to ensure client success. We act as a natural extension of our clients’ own IT teams. Some Service Desk features include:


  • One number for all end-user support issues
  • Tech support for standard desktop apps and Microsoft packaged apps
  • PC support, remote troubleshooting
  • Service request tracking and management
  • Software distribution and patching coordination
  • User account management: add, modify, disable
  • Under Unitas Atlas™, unified monitoring, analytics, and visibility; full insight into IT environments; replacement of disparate tools


As most Service Desk functions are remote, this service offers seamless support no matter where work is being done.


Maintaining business continuity through any kind of interruption is critical for success in a global marketplace. Unitas can help clients assess their business processes, identify areas for refinement, and strategize with them so their plans are air-tight. We can also facilitate training and exercises to stress test plans before an emergency arises.


Does your MSP have a plan in place to support you? Unitas Global can get enterprises up and running with our Managed Services in as little as 6 weeks. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your business.

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