Multi-National Manufacturer Orders Cloud IP Access In Days (Case Study)

Today, companies move at a digital speed and rely on automation to get things done quickly. This goes for their product offerings as well as the products and services they consume. Connectivity is an essential component for any business running any kind of cloud, yet this is often the most difficult component for the enterprise. In addition to requiring connectivity, companies also need flexibility to scale their access as their business requires it. That’s where Unitas comes in.

For instance, one of the customers we support provides services and equipment for rail freight internationally. In need of connectivity, this client found our online CCM platform. From there, they were able to get pricing and provisioning of servers online and have their services turned up in days rather than weeks. Through the portal, the client was able to order the Internet access they needed with ease and efficiency, the entire sales process completed online.

Through this virtual access service, Unitas provides customers with the flexibility to gain Internet access and expand their services with virtually no wait. No hardware is required, so there is no delay in buying and receiving physical routers or turning up services—both of which could otherwise cause added delays due to COVID-19.

The enterprise is using cloud more than ever for a range of different services across different platforms and locations, necessitating thorough connectivity across this fabric of services. In today’s world where cloud consumption is scalable to suit the needs of individual businesses, companies now want to consume their network in the same way. Through the CCM platform, this client was able to order a virtual network scaled to their needs with the ease of a completely virtual experience.

The Unitas Global mission is to transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions for our enterprise clients. The way we enabled this client to consume Internet access in days, not weeks, through our CCM platform speaks to one of the many ways we seek to fulfill this mission every day and provide value to our clients.