2 Reasons to Move to Virtual Desktop on Azure

Today’s workforce is working remotely by choice or necessity.  They are working across borders, time zones, and organizations.  Virtual desktops are an appealing option for companies to support the distributed workforce.  Cloud based Virtual desktop provides cost and time savings, increased security, and increased employee efficiency.


A virtual desktop is a cloud-hosted desktop service.  This means the desktop environment (wallpaper, icons, folders, toolbar, apps, and widgets) is remotely stored in the cloud which allows users to access their desktop and apps from any device, anywhere with the proper login information.  Think of it as having a desktop application separate from the hardware.  Workers can securely access company files and application through any devices.  They can log in at home on a tablet, laptop, or mobile device as if they were actually using a company-issued computer.


Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in Microsoft Azure.  Since it is on the cloud, it is always up-to-date, secure, and highly scalable.  Companies can virtualize and deploy both legacy and new apps to Windows Virtual Desktop, ensuring the workforce has access to the same software a physical company computer would provide.


Reason #1 to Use Virtual Desktop: Reduce Cost


From an operations perspective, virtual desktops are a highly beneficial tool. They reduce desktop management, infrastructure, and support costs. Did you know that maintaining and managing computer hardware and software accounts for 50-70% percent of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a typical device?  Transitioning to virtual desktops helps reduce the time it takes to provision new computers and devices.  It allows for easy account set up for new employees without needing to purchase, install, and provide upkeep of devices.  New users can be quickly added or deleted, saving management time and resources.  And with Virtual Desktop, the cloud automatically ensures the workforce is accessing the latest upgrades, thereby reducing desktop management time.


Reason #2 to Use Virtual Desktop: Increase Security


Virtual desktops offer enhanced security to support a remote and distributed workforce–especially Windows Virtual Desktop, as it offers the same security Azure provides.  Lost, stolen, or hacked computer devices are less of a threat with virtual desktop, since information is not stored on the device.  This minimizes security threats as corporate data is stored in a secure virtual private network (VPN), to insure only authenticated users can access the information. With simple permission changes, a company can alter who has access to files and applications, adding yet another level of security.  The infrastructure can be easily monitored and audited to curb and prevent security breaches allowing for a more secure environment.


5 Users Who Benefit From Virtual Desktop


1)Short term employees, contractors, acquisitions, and partners can be quickly added or deleted saving management time and resources.  Companies have quick and secure access to IT environments as they collaborate and with simple permission changes, access to files and applications can be altered.


2) A virtual desktop is ideal for software development testing.  Instead of setting up multiple physical machines to test on, developers can build out any number of machines in the virtual environment, saving time and money.


3) Residents of care facilities who are in quarantine or cannot travel.  iPads enabled by virtual desktop and communication software connect people to doctors and families.


4) A virtual desktop is ideal for creative producers who want to be able to use their preferred production apps, yet still need to be able to connect to the company network.  They can use this service to accomplish both on the same computer.


5) Remote employees and BYOD (bring your own device) policies benefit from virtual desktop.  A remote workforce can work securely using personal devices, all without storing company information on their personal device.


Unitas Global provides guidance and management for Azure to make sure your cloud is right for your business.  Unitas can assist your company in moving to the Microsoft Azure Cloud to utilize Windows Virtual Desktop.

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