How Much Can Unitas Optimize Cloud Spend for the Enterprise? (Video)

In business, every dollar counts. Yet enterprises will pay more than they have to when there is little transparency or guidance in how to make the best choices. Unitas Global understands the value of a dollar and can help.

In this short video, Unitas Global CEO Patrick Shutt uses a case study to break down how much one client saved–your jaw will drop and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Watch the video here and read the full transcript below.



Full Transcript:

The software that we have developed is very sophisticated. And in that sophistication, it’s looking at all of your prices and your routes and optimizing what that cost is.

In one particular use case, a client was spending about $3.5 million a month on connectivity globally. By using our software, we were able to show them a reduction of $1.5 million. So they went from spending $3.5 million to $2 million and Unitas provides this managed services for about $200K of monthly recurring, so the net benefit to the customer is about a $1.3 million, and in the enterprise space, that is a really meaningful cost reduction.

Unitas Optimizes Cloud Spend Video

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