Lessons Learned from the Attack on SolarWinds Orion: Don’t Leave Your Network Vulnerable

The criticality of security cannot be overstated.  2020 saw an unprecedented number of attacks on both infrastructure and networks.  Just uncovered in December 2020, the Russian government hacked SolarWinds Orion® Platform for network monitoring and IT management.  In doing so, the Russians gained access to “at least 18,000 government and private networks” belonging to a variety of US government agencies and tech companies.  While the motivation for the attacks is not known, it is clear that “The data within these networks, user IDs, passwords, financial records, source code, … can be presumed now to be in the hands of Russian intelligence agents.” (ZDNet).


No organization can afford to have its networks compromised.  Having the right level of visibility into your infrastructure and applications is critical in today’s complex IT environment.  And, with events like the SolarWinds Orion attack becoming more and more frequent, not being able to effectively monitor your network is like skydiving without a parachute.


Unitas provides its connectivity clients with monitoring and support of their networks and infrastructure through Unitas Atlas™ so you can rest assured your IT environment is in good hands.


Utilizing sophisticated network monitoring technology, the Unitas Atlas™ management platform, and operational processes in compliance with ITIL (a set of detailed practices for IT service management), Unitas support engineers perform 24x7x365 monitoring and intervention activities from three support center locations.  Unitas utilizes network interface devices (NIDs) to define the network edge and provide end-to-end network monitoring of all connectivity services under its management.  The deployment of NIDs at all connectivity endpoints enables Unitas to provide advanced fault management and service protection of any underlying connectivity service. Telemetry from each device (utilization, performance, events, packet loss, latency, jitter) is captured and relayed to the Unitas analytics engine to be viewed in Unitas Atlas™.


The Unitas Atlas™ management platform is specifically designed to support client environments through a single pane of glass view into all the connectivity services being managed.  The platform empowers clients with unmatched visibility into their network and provides near real-time control, including:


-A view of circuit status, health & risk at a glance on dashboards

-Network performance management

-Predictive and responsive thresholds for key network metrics

-Incident & event management

-Virtualization monitoring

-Event-based ticketing & automated escalation policies

-Runbook automation services including service restoration

-A granular end-to-end service level performance view

-Correlating service level commitments with actual network performance insights

-Optional integration with managed security solutions

-Optional management of IT assets and equipment


The Unitas team of dedicated engineers work as an extension of clients’ in-house IT resources and capabilities, performing around-the-clock monitoring and intervention activities.  These include all tasks involved in detection, isolation, and resolution of issues affecting network availability and performance.


In the event of a malfunction or failure of any circuit or network element, Unitas engineers initiate remediation services, thereby engaging the appropriate network provider(s) based on the results of an event correlation and thus diagnose the problem.


With something as important as your network security, why take a DIY approach?  Is it worth the risk?  Trust an expert like Unitas who has the tools and expertise to ensure security of your network and infrastructure.


For more information on how Unitas can help you maintain the highest level of network security, click here to get in touch with one of our network experts.



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