Understanding CoreSite and Unitas Global’s Partnership Value to the Enterprise

Are you struggling to manage your organization’s data? Unitas Global has partnered with CoreSite to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your data needs. Together, we manage and house your data so you can focus on your core initiative—your business. Unitas Global CMO, Scott Walker, explains how this powerful combination can be a huge value add for your organization.


Watch the video here and read the full transcript below.


Full Transcript:

How do clients benefit from the Unitas and CoreSite partnership? Well, multiple ways. First off, our businesses compliment one another. We focus on managed services and managed connectivity services and CoreSite focuses on data center and interconnection. So those two capabilities are very complimentary, so bolting them together for a client makes for a very powerful combination.

I would also say that the CoreSite Unitas partnership for our clients is very synergistic. They own data centers and we don’t own any of our own data centers. So leveraging their footprint with our managed services capability creates a winning combination for our customers.