Unitas + CoreSite Partnership: A Winning Combination!

Unitas is fortunate to have some excellent partnerships. One such partner is CoreSite. CoreSite provides secure, reliable, high-performing data center and interconnection solutions. As Unitas offers private infrastructure, managed services, and connectivity, together with CoreSite we bring the enterprise complete end-to-end IT solutions.

Both of our teams are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience focused on operational excellence with a personal touch

Check out this short video where Unitas Global CMO, Scott Walker and CoreSite SVP of Sales, Maile Kaiser, team up to give you the rundown on this winning combination! (The full transcription of this video is below.)


Full Transcript:


Scott:  Hi! 


 Maile:  Hello! 


Scott:  As you may be able to tell, we are not actors. 


Maile:  We work for CoreSite and Unitas Global.


Scott:  Together, we bring  complete, end-to-end IT solution which enables digital transformation and optimization for our customers. 


Maile:  From cloud assessment and strategy, to connectivity, colocation, monitoring and management—we’re here to help.  


Scott:  Here’s how it works: Unitas partners with customers to figure out their ideal cloud strategy. We then build their private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, and provide connectivity to the cloud. 


Maile:  CoreSite then provides the physical data centers with secure, direct interconnection services to any of the major cloud providers, network, and IT vendors required to build that high-performance, hybrid solution.   


Scott:  Finally, Unitas monitors, manages, and supports the environment 24x7x365, allowing our customers’ IT teams to focus on their core business priorities.  


Maile:  That’s a powerful combination!


Scott:  We bring exceptional support to our customers, guiding them through their cloud journeys, no matter where they happen to be. 


Maile:  And we infuse an unparalleled customer experience focused on operational excellence with a personal touch to make sure you’re supported.  Our companies are fully committed to your company’s success. 


Scott:  Basically, we’re your biggest fans.