Unitas Invited to Speak On Edge/Cloud Innovation at PTC 2020

Unitas Global will join industry leaders at PTC’20, taking place January 19-22.  PTC’s Annual Conference is a strategic springboard for the global communications industry.

Bob Pollan, Unitas Global CFO, will join the panel Edge/Cloud Innovation, Adoption, and Infrastructure Financing on Monday January 20th.  The session will explore developments at the edge of the global cloud platforms. Panelists from Datagryd Data Centers, EdgeConneX, Government of Canada, University of Hawaii, and Unitas Global, and moderated by Cushman & Wakefield, will share their views on innovation on-the-edge.

Enterprises see the value in adopting a hybrid and multi-cloud architecture for their IT environments. They require secure, flexible, low latency, high throughput cloud connectivity from edge to data centers to cloud and between clouds. But how do they get from all their business locations to all the different facilities while maintaining efficient service costs without compromising performance or control?

That’s where Unitas Global comes in.  Unitas is transforming cloud connectivity with the world’s first end-to-end software-defined cloud fabric enabled by our proprietary design and pricing platform to build on-ramp to data centers over first and last-mile connectivity solutions.

When it comes to the edge at the tall shiny building (or customer premise, whichever name you choose to use), Unitas utilizes network interface devices (NIDs) to define the cloud-first network edge and ensure end-to-end visibility across last mile access circuits.  The Unitas last mile is provisioned on native layer 2 Ethernet and delivered to the closest on-net Unitas point of presence then back to the data center and cloud facilities of choice. This provides a fast lane to data centers and cloud providers for clients. Clients can realize new revenue streams while lowering operational costs by taking advantage of the Unitas network fabric without deploying and incurring the cost of additional pops and infrastructure.

The last mile access circuits allow for multiple services to be provisioned over the same physical circuit (layer 2 Ethernet, SDN, SD-WAN, Internet, etc.) enabling new services to enterprise customers.

From the edge, enterprises may also connect to the cloud over the Unitas Global layer 3 IP network AS 1828, which provides access and direct peering to over 5,000 SaaS providers and hundreds of ISPs worldwide. The IP network serves two functions. The first is direct IP connectivity to content and cloud services which enables faster performance for users compared to traditional internet/DIA. The second function is direct IP connectivity to broadband and regional internet providers which enables more consistent performance when using future internet-based SD-WAN services by similarly bypassing the general internet.

The Unitas Global Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) carrier-neutral platform combines geospatial data with a sophisticated route map and design algorithm that identifies last-mile access to enterprise locations. Rather than rely on a broad range of network providers to present services designed around their networks, with multiple layers of margin added for off-net circuits, Unitas built CCM as an in-house tool to identify and price services based on the underlying fiber owner/operators. With over 550 carriers represented in the system, CCM provides a unique advantage both in terms of circuit design and diversity, but also lower cost.

Unitas Global has created an interconnected software-defined cloud fabric of service providers, intelligent automated design and pricing platform, and a fully managed service that can solve cloud connectivity challenges no matter where an enterprise is on their connectivity journey.

Request a meeting with Unitas Global at PTC’20 via the form below to discuss how to leverage a connected cloud fabric from the edge across a software defined network to global data center and cloud services.

PTC 2020

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