Why Today’s Enterprises Need A Multi-Service Access Solution

Digital transformations and cloud migration are stressing traditional networking and IT resources.  The initial connectivity and management challenges associated with the cloud only grow as businesses expand into multi-cloud environments.  WAN technologies have grown in capability but also complexity.  In such setups, the inherent challenges of providing adequate connectivity and IT resources rise when trying to support data traffic between both local and distant third-party configurations.  Latency also becomes a major concern, especially as expanding geographic distance leads to heightened performance shortfalls.  


Enterprises in today’s digital era need to share data with multiple partners, platforms, and destinations easily, simply, and costeffectively. One of the drivers for multi-access is that enterprises want better connectivity capabilities while averting the expense associated with buying extra bandwidth and circuits. Enterprises want to scale easily to adjust to demand, said another waythey want to consume networks like they consume the cloud.   


Whether they’re transporting data, connecting subscribers, accessing workflows, or improving day-to-day collaboration, enterprises require a end-to-end solution that offers the agility to transport data to the right locations at the right SLAs.  Unitas’ Multi-service Access services provide Ethernet circuits back to a local Unitas network points of presence allowing for multiple services to be provisioned over the same physical circuit (Internet, SD-WAN, Cloud Connect).  



Improving Operational Efficiency  

Most enterprises now rely on multiple infrastructure and service providers for networking coverage and IT services, a situation that is worsening with the increasing adoptions of cloud computing and globally distributed work environments.  Why manage 3 or 5 services when you can manage one?  Unitas overlays unique virtual services on top of reliable connectivity, optimally routing to the destinations, applications, and storage companies.  Instead of maintaining network relationships with different resellers and providers all over the world, enterprises engage with Unitas for optimal management, procurement, operation, and support of their network connectivity both physical and virtual. 


Unitas utilizes edge devices to define the network edge and collect monitoring of all circuits under management.  The deployment of edge devices at all connectivity endpoints enables Unitas to provide advanced fault management and service protection of any underlying connectivity service.  Telemetry from each device (utilization, performance, events, packet loss, latency, jitter) is captured and relayed to the Unitas analytics engine to be viewed in the Unitas Atlas management platform.

Unitas Atlas is the management platform Unitas uses to support client environments through a single pane of glass view into all the connectivity services being managed.  The platform is a secure, easy to use, application that offers clients access to all information on their network infrastructure.


Innovation and Agility 

Enterprises can begin with the deployment of one service, and then with that initial circuit in place they can layer in additional services as they choose to modernize over time.  The ability to deploy multi-services over one dedicated, reliable circuit offers a broad range of service options:


Dedicated Internet Access: high performance Internet access via multiple providers and the Unitas global peering footprint


SaaS On-Ramp™: high-speed direct access to over 4,000 SaaS providers, bypassing traditional Internet


Cloud On-Ramp™: dedicated Ethernet connectivity to private infrastructure in all major public cloud IaaS providers


• SD-WAN: fully managed network service that provides the ability to achieve advanced levels of visibility and control over application traffic that passes between branch offices, headquarters, data centers, and cloud-based applications.


Business today demands an effective network solution to move data and connect users.  Multi-service Access from Unitas Global affords clients the performance they need in a cost-effective way, all as a managed service.  


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