Breaking Through the Top 3 Challenges Facing Ad Tech

With more and more shopping and media experiences moving to screens, so go the advertisers. It is expected that digital ad spending will outpace traditional ad spending in 2019 and will only continue on that trajectory in the years to come, according to a study by With this shift, ad tech companies will increase their use of programmatic ad bidding to achieve as close to real-time bidding as possible. To achieve high performance, low latency, and cost efficiency with this form of bidding requires having the optimal cloud solution.

In this blog post, Unitas Global and Equinix speak to the three biggest challenges ad tech companies face with programmatic ad bidding and offer a joint solution for how to overcome.

“Programmatic advertising automates the processes and transactions that fuel purchasing. It dynamically places ads on websites or applications, making it possible to automatically purchase and place ads – including targeted advertising content – in milliseconds (ms). While impressive, for ad tech companies to win the real-time bidding (RTB) war and display their customers’ ads to the most consumers, they actually need to be completing these complex calculations and transactions within 100 ms (what Google, one of the biggest ad exchanges, places on a timeout restriction).”

Read the full post here. Learn more about Unitas Global and Equinix ad tech solutions here.

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