Data Center POST: Connecting the Enterprise Cloud to Enable Agility

Data Center POST Interview with Grant Kirkwood, Founder and CTO, Unitas Global

Recently we sat down with Grant to discuss the use of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to better enable multi-cloud connectivity, what exciting new developments we can expect from Unitas Global this year, and the company’s attendance at International Telecoms Week 2018, taking place May 6-9 in Chicago.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: How important is SDN for the industry and what is your company doing to implement and deploy this technology capability?

Unitas Global, Grant Kirkwood (UG-GK) Answer: Cloud computing is all about enabling agility to drive a competitive advantage. At a minimum, this means that infrastructure is made available to users nearly instantly via a self-service portal. At the same time, companies are recognizing the importance of a hybrid cloud architecture, with over 90 percent of companies using multiple cloud services. Connectivity is the glue that connects multiple clouds together. SDN is critical in enabling hybrid cloud, as without it, you just have multiple unconnected clouds that require manual network engineering to connect together, defeating the purpose of self-service infrastructure provisioning. Unitas Global is integrating multiple SDN technologies into its cloud management platform to enable real-time, self-service provisioning of compute, storage and networking across multiple clouds, all from a single portal.