Data Gravity: How Google’s Cloud Storage Keeps You in Its Orbit

Data Gravity Google Cloud Storage

Google’s new Storage Growth Plan for Google Cloud is cheaper than its predecessor and allows for more predictability in storage prices. But does that predictability come at the cost of lock-in? With a little help from Unitas, TechTarget breaks down Google’s strategy to ensure their customers keep coming back for more:

“Data gravity is a real thing,” said Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, based in Cupertino, Calif. Companies with plans to build modern applications don’t know how much data they’ll need to store, yet still need some security on the budget front, which Google’s plan could provide, he added.

Unitas Global has worked with many companies that mull whether to move storage volumes between the likes of Google Cloud and AWS on a semi-regular basis in search of savings, Kirkwood said. “[Google is] building in the incentive at that key decision point for you to not make that move.”

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