Day-In-The-Life of a Unitas Network Engineer

A company is only as good as the people in it.
We’re proud to say that we have a truly outstanding team at Unitas, working to provide world-class service to our customers. In the Q&A below, you’ll meet two of our incredible network engineers, and learn how they make Unitas a leader in the enterprise cloud market (while trying to keep everything afloat on the farm).

The Job.
Our network engineers primarily focus on network design and deployments, as well as systems monitoring and alerting for our customers. They work closely on customer upgrades and on support tickets that are fielded by our CMC (Cloud Management Center).
See our Hybrid Cloud solution supported by our network engineers.

Q: What drew you to Unitas? 
“It looked like a fun group of people to work with—and I wasn’t wrong about that. A lot of learning opportunities.”
“The work is always challenging, and that’s what makes it fun.”
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Q: What do you love about your job? 
“I’ve always been passionate about technology and the specific technologies that we work with. Unitas focuses on designing and providing solutions for customers and that’s the part that fascinates me. Every project is new.” 
“It’s fun solving problems. When [a customer] can’t figure something out, it’s like a puzzle to fix.”

Q: What sets Unitas apart in the industry? 
“We try new things all the time. We’re always open to building new solutions and proposing the most optimal solution for our customer.”
“Definitely the atmosphere and the culture.”

Q: What are your interests outside of work?   
“I enjoy spending time with friends I’ve made through work in our offices across the country.”
“Trying to automate the house as much as doesn’t creep my wife out. Also, brewing my own beer. And taking care of my farm.”

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Our Mission

The Unitas Global mission is to transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions for our enterprise clients. We are passionate about excellence, built on the foundation of trust, integrity, and devoted to exceptional customer experiences.

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