Edge to Cloud Network Monitoring with Unitas Atlas™

Your network infrastructure is the cornerstone of your business. It’s what keeps your organization running, enabling communication between users, services, applications, and devices. With so much at stake, it’s vital to keep a close eye on all aspects of your cloud as well as network infrastructure.


Monitoring tools or platforms need to be technology-neutral and enable enterprises to proactively manage complex, multi-vendor network infrastructures 24x7x365. Ideally the tool provides comprehensive monitoring and management of both network services and hybrid cloud infrastructures with a single view of end-to-end services. This gives IT organizations near real-time visibility and control, including fault and performance management and integrated trouble ticketing and reporting.


Unitas Atlas™ is a secure, easy to use application that allows users to view critical infrastructure information. Management is the core of the platform’s capabilities replacing many different tools to enable the support of infrastructure elements from a single pane of glass. Users select individual elements to compare usage in real-time, create visual representations of physical infrastructure to quickly view the current health and availability of that infrastructure, and visualize resource usage for capacity planning purposes.


Since 2015, Unitas has leveraged Unitas Atlas™ to monitor and manage IT environments. Multi-vendor infrastructure is proactively monitored to generate alerts and events that require action from the Unitas CMC engineering team. Unitas gives its clients access to Unitas Atlas™, because we believe it’s important that they have the same full visibility into their environments as we do.


Unitas Atlas™ Monitors Network Infrastructure, Too.

Unitas Atlas™ provides a single view into the edge to everywhere cloud access solution.  Users can view critical network information, including topology, trouble ticket status, and near real-time view of network status.


Being able to manage and monitor everything from a single pane of glass makes our clients’ jobs easier, because they don’t need to switch between tools to get a clear view of the health of their network. Unitas Atlas™ combines what would normally be a disparate set of tools into one comprehensive view.



Unitas Atlas™ dashboards takes the granular data collected from everything running in a client’s network and cloud environment and display it into views that make sense for users, regardless of how technical they may be. Dashboards allow engineers and support individuals to quickly see what’s important and drill down into the details as needed.


Unitas Atlas™ dashboards are customizable to capture and displace the key performance indicators and service levels needed.


Three Network Indicators Clients Track with Unitas Atlas™

– Usage: With a single view from the edge to the data center to the cloud, IT organizations see physical and virtual services and bandwidth utilization to maintain service availability, as well as identify when there is a need to increase service bandwidth to avoid congestion.   Warning thresholds can be configured for Unitas Atlas™ to take action when usage levels are passed.


– Events: Unitas Atlas™ is aware of all relevant data on a network device, including network configurations, syslog, and interfaces. By seeing the relationships of each device, engineers can drill down to investigate and correlate events during troubleshooting. Unitas Atlas™ correlates and categorizes events to determine level of severity and proactively open tickets. Our CMC engineer team is able to engage in critical events earlier mitigating the impact to services.


– Performance: Unitas utilizes edge devices to define the network edge and collect monitoring of all circuits under management. The deployment of edge devices at all connectivity endpoints enables Unitas to provide advanced fault management and service protection of any underlying connectivity service. Telemetry from each device (utilization, performance, events, packet loss, latency, jitter) is captured and relayed to the Unitas analytics engine to be viewed in the Unitas Atlas™ management platform.



To learn more, set up a Unitas Atlas™ demo with our infrastructure management experts here.

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