Google Throws Down a $13 Billion Gauntlet

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the major players in public cloud, owning 38% and 17% of the market respectively, while Google lags behind at about 8%. The recent announcement that Google would be making a $13 billion investment in their data centers in 2019 signaled an aggressive push to capture a larger slice of the pie. Data Centre News spoke to our Chief Strategy Officer, Francesco Paola, about Google’s strategy and what it means for the future of the public cloud market:

“Paola says the challenges that Google faces is that although some of their cloud services (such as AI, machine learning, and GKE) are more advanced than those of other cloud providers, their approach to enabling the enterprise is not as mature…

“In summary, Google has recognized that they are behind the other two public cloud providers, the public cloud market is nascent but growing, the enterprise market is different from the consumer market, and Google is making the right strategic investment to take advantage of this opportunity.””

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Google Cloud Throws Down

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