Helping Enterprises Gain Local Access to the Cloud

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with our partners to educate people on cloud. We just completed a two-city tour of panel discussions on helping enterprises access the cloud locally with our partners EdgeconnexMegaport, and Comcast.

Attendees at the Beers with Peers event


Here are some key takeaways from the event:


1.) Enterprises prefer a hybrid, multi-cloud world 

According to RightScale, the vast majority of enterprise companies are utilizing a multi-cloud strategy, many of which include multiple private and multiple public clouds at the same time. Only 5% of enterprises surveyed have no plans for a cloud strategy.



2.) The enterprise faces some major impediments to cloud adoption

Even for organizations that understand the importance of a cloud strategy, adopting cloud can be a struggle. The top obstacles include:

  • Security
  • Managing cloud spend
  • Lack of resources or expertise around cloud adoption
  • Governance and control
  • Compliance
  • Managing multiple clouds
  • Performance
  • Building a private cloud


3.) Security is still a concern when considering cloud adoption 

According to 451 Research, the enterprise is still concerned for the security of workloads running in a public environment. Concern for security was followed closely by concerns for compliance and regulatory requirements and for data protection.



4.) There is a lack of cloud expertise on staff at the enterprise 

Most enterprises do not have the skillsets in house to migrate to or manage workloads in the cloud.



5.) Multi-cloud is the new reality

Most enterprises recognize the need for and benefits of a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solution for their business. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud allow for more flexibility and diversity to be more competitive.



6.) Reduced latency in the cloud is key: local access provides the best experience 

When latency is reduced, performance of the application is improved. Forrester research tells us that the closer the workload is to the point of interest the less latency there is which in turn increases the performance of the application. This allows for a faster and better experience when utilizing workloads in the cloud.


7.) Integrated local solutions can solve adoption challenges 

By working with Unitas Global and our partners to enable local access to cloud, the enterprise can enjoy direct benefits of cloud at the edge. These benefits include:

  • Reduced network costs
  • Private access reduces security risks
  • Choice provides flexibility for different applications
  • Improved application performance
  • Hybrid cloud solutions enabled without DIY CapEx requirements
  • Reduced complexity



The enterprise recognizes the need for cloud adoption in order to be competitive, but today’s cloud marketplace holds numerous challenges and concerns to achieving cloud adoption. There is a plethora of solutions providers to choose from. Given that most organizations lack the internal expertise around cloud, adoption can be an overwhelming process. That is why Unitas Global offers cloud adoption & advisory and cloud connectivity services as part of our end-to-end solutions. Through our partnerships with Edgeconnex and Megaport, who provide data center solutions on the edge and scalable bandwidth respectively, Unitas can offer clients a seamless journey to achieving a fully managed cloud solution that best serves their businesses. Click the links to read more about these services, or to contact us.

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