Insights From Intel Partner Connect 2019

At Unitas Global, we’re committed to bringing the most innovative technologies to your IT, and to do that, we partner with industry leaders like Intel. We were invited to this year’s Intel Partner Connect conference in Denver where we gleaned some great insights for the enterprise.

Watch this video to check them out! (The full transcript of the video is below.)


Full Transcript:

“Hi, I’m Lana Goldsmith, coming to you live from the Intel Partner Connect Conference on behalf of Unitas Global. One thing we wanted to share with you was for your enterprise, we encourage you to think about the business priorities and outcomes you’re looking to gain from having a cloud strategy.

So maybe you’re looking to take advantage of big data, IoT, and AI services that the public cloud can provide to you to enhance your end user experience? Or maybe you want to optimize your shipping operations so you can get product out of your warehouse more efficiently?

Whatever your priorities are, once they’re determined, a cloud solution provider like Unitas Global can help you to work with you and design a cloud strategy that fits those priorities. More to come from the conference!”

Insight #1: CSPs are significant influencers to the enterprise when it come to decision making about cloud technology.

Insight #2: A big driver to the cloud: the enterprise seeks to gain information on their customers

Insight #3: Companies look to cloud to transform their business as well as optimize their IT

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