Keeping Connectivity in the Cold

Keeping Connectivity in the Cold, Disaster Recovery

In the winter of 2019, extreme cold weather caused widespread infrastructure damage across the northern US and Canada, causing some enterprises to lose cloud connectivity. Solutions Review sat down with our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood to talk disaster preparedness, recovery, and what to do if freezing temperatures reach your data center:

“To ensure public clouds maintain connectivity through extreme weather, companies must maintain diversity in their connectivity architecture through not only carrier diversity, but also physical diversity… If you’re getting cloud connectivity from two carriers that come in on the same conduit in the building and that conduit floods, freezes, and cracks, both carriers are cut off and connectivity is lost.

Unitas Global has a connectivity solution that uses GIS data, which can see where those fiber routes are physically located in streets and across nine million different buildings. When someone asks for diverse cloud connectivity, we can ensure that entrances into buildings and data centers are fully diverse.”

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