Key Cloud Insights for 2019 from VMware

2019 will be a turning point for cloud, particularly when it comes to accelerated adoption, according to VMware*. (As one of our software partners, VMware offers software-based solutions for virtualizing hardware, enabling multiple virtualized workloads on hardware platforms, increasing utilization.) Below are some of VMware’s key insights on the cloud market today.


Multi-Cloud Is Here

A few years ago, it was uncommon for enterprises to use more than one cloud service for either private or public solutions. Now, it’s standard. Multi-cloud necessitates entirely new approaches to management, which VMware and Unitas can facilitate.


Diverse Infrastructure Requires New Tools

With the growth of hybrid and multi-cloud systems comes a need to manage diverse infrastructure effectively and efficiently. This presents a substantial challenge to the enterprise. Answering this challenge successfully requires a decentralization of management throughout an enterprise, combined with tools that allow this new approach to succeed.


Decentralize Management, Centralize Governance

With decentralized management of the cloud comes an even greater need for centralization of governance. Organizations seeking to run a hybrid or multi-cloud system properly require firm, clear policies around governance and automated tools to apply them that keep up with how their users are consuming cloud resources.


Mike Hulme, Senior Director, VMware Cloud


Build a Center of Excellence

To truly leverage the capabilities of the cloud, the solution cannot be technical alone. All successful enterprise cloud strategies build a center of excellence in their IT department, allowing institutional memory to carry on the lessons learned and build a culture of best practices that will ensure the long-term success of any cloud solution.


Disparity Breeds Failure

While the cloud can bring innovation and agility to your enterprise, maximize efficiency, and allow you to focus on the things that really matter — the customer and product — the best cloud solutions brings all the disparate parts of an enterprise together. Cloud strategy should include single-pane-of-glass management interfaces; comprehensive, centralized governance policies; and a firm grasp of how it can be used to further business objectives.



Staying on top of trends like these will make enterprise cloud adoption a success by best supporting the enterprise’s business goals. Want to get started or pick up where you left off in your enterprise’s cloud journey? Unitas can help. Here’s how.



*Source: VMware Cloud Briefing 2019

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