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Media + Entertainment organizations today face more challenges than ever before. They must keep up with demand, distribute content effectively across every channel, and streamline the supply chain to maximize efficiency and security—all while ensuring the best possible user experience. That’s where we come in.

Together, Unitas + CoreSite deliver a high-density, low-latency hybrid cloud environment for our M+E customers. This cost-effective approach streamlines data movement, increases performance, and reduces security risks. Let us help you meet the demands of the M+E industry. Read more below.

Your Competitive Edge

Accelerate Performance

Proximity is critical on the front end between vendor partners to create instant access between systems and applications, and at the point of delivery, where consumers expect a flawless content experience.

Achieve Scalability

We provide highly scalable infrastructure with simple cloud on-ramps. According to the Spiceworks survey, increased capacity and scalability is one of the top benefits of colocation, second only to better data backup.

Ensure Security

The Unitas Atlas™ solution gives you insight into your environment’s overall health, risks, and status—all from a single dashboard.

Maximize IT Resources

CoreSite serves as a central location for operations, providing direct connections to myriad cloud providers, and reducing the number of vendors under management.

Video: Quick Tips for IT Infrastructure Density

Rendering, AI + other high compute applications can be demanding. Check out our video on achieving efficiency + finding the right provider for you. 

Bringing Content to the Edge

Check out our eBook about colocation for the M+E industry to learn more about how Unitas + CoreSite can help you succeed. 

A-List Benefits

Fully managed, custom, dedicated infrastructure as a service, available worldwide. 
Managed, on-demand, flexible cloud resources in major public cloud providers.
Between clouds, from cloud to data center, and to your enterprise locations.
Software orchestration enables applications to span clouds dynamically, while retaining complete control.
The Unitas Atlas™ platform provides single-pane performance visibility into hybrid cloud.
Our Cloud Management Center provides support and maintenance so you can rest easy.
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M+E professionals that say improving performance is a top initiative

~1 million

Minutes of video content per second crossing IP networks by 2021


M+E data that is latency-sensitive
“CoreSite’s flexible infrastructure makes it much easier to manage our business on a daily basis and provides a cost-effective way to expand our existing network capabilities. Working with CoreSite has enabled us to accomplish goals that we did not necessarily feel were realistic two years ago." - Tab Butler, Director of Media Management and Post Production
TV Network Achieves Lightning-Fast Content Delivery
The MLB was outgrowing its existing bandwidth and infrastructure and was faced with the time-consuming and expensive job of expanding its data center. Instead, MLB Network looked toward the future, predicted that massive growth would only continue, and chose a partner that could provide the infrastructure and ecosystem needed to accommodate that growth.
Gaming Company Launches New Game in 30 Days
With help from Unitas, this online gaming company had 300 servers installed and deployed globally within 10 days. This enabled them to successfully launch their new game in 30 days.

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