Our Platforms

Powering Your Solutions

At Unitas, we design, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure and cloud networking services for our global enterprise clients. Our services reflect a customer-first approach, ensuring that you achieve your business outcomes.

Behind the scenes, it’s our modern platform portfolio that keeps everything running smoothly. From remote monitoring and management to automated connectivity pricing and provisioning, our platforms enable us to achieve our goal: to help you transform your business.

Enabling Your IT

We designed our platforms with you in mind. Click on the links below for more information on each platform.

Unitas Atlas™

Remote infrastructure management for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, and connectivity, delivering best in class managed services.

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Cloud Connectivity Marketplace

Our platform automates pricing, provisioning, and management with the ability to search millions of commercial building addresses and provide real-time response of available near and on-net providers.

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Unitas Global Cloud Fabric

Enabling your users, machines, and applications, our platform powers modern cloud networking solutions that are scalable and flexible.

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“Unitas Global ensured a quick and efficient implementation of Sift’s managed cloud connectivity solution, helping us to fast-track both financial and operational benefits. Throughout the process, Unitas Global truly felt like a partner.”
Award-Winning Solution for Innovation in Network Technology, Managed Services, and Cloud
“We’ve heard the enterprise voice their frustrations around time to deployment, visibility, and control, so we developed an automation platform to accelerate their digital strategy.”

Tronox on Working With Unitas (Video)
This leading global mining and manufacturing company utilizes Unitas Global for the infrastructure management, monitoring, and service desk capabilities allowing them to focus on what matters most: their core business applications.

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