Enterprise Private Cloud

Purpose Built and Fully Managed for Your Performance Needs ​

Peak performance, security, and uptime are imperative for your workloads. First, our Cloud Solution Architects work with you to understand your technical and operational requirements. From there, we deliver a completely dedicated infrastructure to offer you predictable performance on a custom, purpose-built platform. The environment is delivered as a fully-managed and hosted solution.

Benefits of Private Infrastructure & Management

Our enterprise clients enjoy numerous benefits of Enterprise Private Cloud from Unitas compared to traditional self-hosted infrastructure. These include:


Access self-service, on-demand provisioning to eliminate the friction of traditional infrastructure


Our solutions are designed to integrate with public cloud, allowing you the flexibility to shift if your enterprise requires it

Cost Savings

At scale, private infrastructure can be more cost-effective than public cloud for predictable workloads


Regain the focus on your core business activities and priorities—rather than on operating your infrastructure

Components of Private Infrastructure + Management

Here’s a quick overview of the pieces that comprise our private infrastructure + management solution.


Bare metal servers, custom dedicated servers, hypervisors, virtual machines, and containers


Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and backup & archival storage. Providing both block and object storage


Fully dedicated network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and load balancers


Firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, proxy services, and anti-virus/malware


Infrastructure is housed in a premier data center with redundant power and cooling


Hardware, software, virtualization and optionally guest operating systems are fully managed

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Enterprise Private Cloud Onesheet

“It is important for us to work with a leading enterprise cloud solution provider that understands our customers’ needs, has an exceptional team, and delivers solid results. Unitas Global is a great choice.” -Unitas Global Partner
Mobile Gaming Company Saves 30%
A leading mobile gaming company saw public cloud costs spiral out of control until Unitas migrated them to a private cloud.

Gaming Company Launches Game in 30 Days
With help from Unitas, this online gaming company had 300 servers installed and deployed globally within 10 days. This enabled them to successfully launch the new game in 30 days.

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