Hybrid Multi-Cloud

End-to-End Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Simplified

Today’s modern enterprise uses a variety of cloud services to support increasingly complex business needs. But in order to implement a successful hybrid cloud strategy, these services must work together to support your line of business software applications. Our Enterprise Hybrid Multi-Cloud service consists of private cloud, public cloud, connectivity, orchestration, monitoring, management and support -- all fully managed and all working together as one seamless end-to-end solution.

Explore Unitas Global's Connected Hybrid Multi-Cloud

The Unitas Global Connected Hybrid Multi-Cloud consists of private cloud, public cloud, connectivity, orchestration, monitoring, management and support -- all fully managed, and all working together as one seamless end-to-end solution.


Unitas Global software tools provide single pane of glass monitoring, management, provisioning and orchestration of your entire IT environment, including legacy on-premise infrastructure, private hosted cloud, public cloud, and network connectivity. Click to learn more.

Unitas Global provides fully-managed solutions in major public cloud providers in all regions, worldwide, and specializes in the unique capabilities that each offers. Click to learn more.

The industry’s first purpose-built Cloud Management Center is the home of our 24×7 team of engineers dedicated to monitoring and managing your infrastructure so you don’t have to. Click to learn more.

Hybrid cloud requires connectivity between different cloud services. Unitas provides software-provisioned network services between hundreds of datacenters and key cloud service providers. Click to learn more.

Enterprise access connectivity lands in key locations that serve as a network “on-ramp” to the cloud. These locations are the network hub for the organization and gateway to required cloud services. Click to learn more.

Unitas’s proprietary network access tool provides design and pricing for hundreds of local access carriers, helping us find the best access at the best price. Click to learn more.

Unitas Global can remotely manage, maintain, and support your existing legacy on-premise IT infrastructure. Click to learn more.

We deploy and operate private cloud infrastructure in any partner data center facility, anywhere in the world, based on proximity and latency requirements unique to your business. Click to learn more.

Hybrid = The Best of Public + Private

Enterprise Private Cloud

Fully managed, custom, dedicated infrastructure as a service, available worldwide. Learn more

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Public Cloud Managed Service

Managed, on-demand, flexible cloud resources in major public cloud providers.

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Cloud Connectivity

Between clouds, from cloud to data center, and to your enterprise location.

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Monitoring + Management

The Unitas Atlas™ platform provides single-pane performance visibility into hybrid cloud.

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Service Desk Support

Our Cloud Management Center provides ongoing support and maintenance so you can focus on your core business objectives.

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"Unitas Global offers deep insight and expertise on security solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure. By working closely with the customer, Unitas Global offers a customized solution that fits our specific needs."
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