Managed Public Cloud

Flexible, On-Demand, Managed: Get the Resources You Need, When You Need Them.

Even after you've migrated and deployed your applications to public cloud, the management and operation of your cloud can present a huge challenge. You need an experienced cloud partner available 24x7x365 to help manage, monitor, and optimize your cloud environment. Unitas offers management & operations support to provide real-time monitoring and alerting for your cloud environment. With our advanced management platform, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your environment is backed by a team of cloud-certified operations engineers. Together with our cloud consulting partners, Unitas delivers a well-architected solution designed with your workload in mind—helping to ensure the availability and reliability your business demands.

Why Unitas

Unitas’ Managed Public Cloud offering provides easy access to resources on flexible terms as you need them, eliminating the need to build and maintain infrastructure. The leading cloud providers also offer a variety of on-demand platform services (such as databases) further reducing operational burden. And, of course, public cloud is scalable, which allows for growth without the need to plan long upgrade cycles.


Our team of operations engineers monitor your workloads and respond to any alerts in your environment. They proactively work with your team to resolve exploits, apply OS-level patches, and address security issues as soon as they become known.

Client Services

In order to stay engaged, we schedule regular business reviews with you, enabling our experts to ensure that your cloud aligns with your business objectives and goals.

Operating System Management

We work with you to assess and build a plan to manage and operate your OS, ensuring that patches, configuration, and security concerns are handled in a timely and controlled manner.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

We've partnered with Intel and VMWare to deliver public cloud economics and flexibility in a private cloud solution. Combined with our public cloud managed services solutions, we enable a hybrid cloud offering that enables the best of both public and private clouds.

Cloud Connectivity

The Unitas Global Cloud Fabric Platform enables what we call the “connected hybrid cloud": high speed connections between public clouds, private clouds, and everything in-between.

Your Trusted Advisor

Every use case is different. By allowing our team of experts to design and architect the best solution for your company, you can focus on your organization’s specific business requirements. Our offering provides distinct benefits over a DIY approach.


Scale up or down as business needs change, without contract lock-in.


Managed and maintained 24x7x365 by Unitas Cloud Management Centers for complete peace of mind.


Unitas cloud security experts design a custom public cloud security solution based on your organization’s requirements.


The latest technologies are offered first in public cloud, shortening the time required to take advantage of them.


On-demand instant provisioning via our easy-to-use portal.


Available worldwide in nearly 200 partner data centers—or in your own.


One size does not fit all in public cloud: just as with physical infrastructure, there are many vendors and technologies to choose from.


Monitoring and management from the Unitas Atlas™ single pane of glass dashboard provides total visibility.

Level Up Your Public Cloud

74% of enterprises describe their strategy as hybrid or multi-cloud today. But only 42% regularly optimize their cloud spending. Unitas guides you through your managed public cloud journey, ensuring cost efficiency, agility, and ease of use.

Innovation, On-Demand

Public Cloud Technology

Unitas has a dedicated team of Cloud Solution Architects certified in the technologies present in each cloud provider. These CSAs make recommendations and create architecture designs taking advantage of these unique capabilities based on each specific use case.

Transformation + Adoption

Unitas offers a variety of professional services to help with cloud transformation and adoption:

  • Cloud Advisory and Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption Services
  • Containers and Microservices
  • Architecture
  • DevOps Enablement
  • Application Migration

Our Public Cloud Partners:

Let’s Get Started

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"Unitas Global is investing in expanding its public cloud service offerings, starting with the growth of its public cloud managed services capabilities...These investments will enable Unitas to become the trusted advisor for enterprises that are looking to make the transition to a hybrid cloud model."
Hybrid Cloud Transforms Largest US Satellite Broadcaster
A highly seasoned workload and a static, fixed infrastructure represented the perfect opportunity to leverage hybrid cloud.
Unitas Wins 3 Pipeline Innovation Awards for Cloud-First Connectivity
Unitas Global has been named a finalist for the 2019 Pipeline Innovation Awards in three categories for our cloud connectivity solution: Managed Services, Networking Technology, and Cloud. In each category we are one of two finalists among hundreds of applicants.
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