Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect

Seamless Connection + Optimized Pricing

Choosing the best SDCI provider for your needs can be daunting, given the differences in the providers’ locations, disparate feature sets, SLAs, and pricing.


Which SDCI provider is best suited for your needs? Unitas Global Cloud Fabric can solve that dilemma. Our service enables you to seamlessly connect to any or all SDCI providers via a single connection, and offers you the best possible pricing based on your unique cloud connectivity requirements. Once connected to Cloud Fabric, our Cloud Connectivity Management platform leverages its proprietary algorithm to design the best possible cloud connectivity design and pricing options without having to manage multiple SDCI provider contracts, pricing, and SLAs.

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Unitas Wins 3 Pipeline Innovation Awards for Cloud-First Connectivity

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“Unitas Global ensured a quick and efficient implementation of Sift’s managed cloud connectivity solution, helping us to fast-track both financial and operational benefits. Throughout the process, Unitas Global truly felt like a partner.”
Award-Winning Solution for Innovation in Network Technology, Managed Services, and Cloud
“We’ve heard the enterprise voice their frustrations around time to deployment, visibility, and control, so we developed an automation platform to accelerate their digital strategy.”
Unitas Global Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Migration with Connectivity to Iron Mountain’s London and Amsterdam Facilities
“Unitas Global’s access connectivity platform (CCM) enables us to bring new efficiency to our clients,” shares Frank Scalzo, General Manager Network Strategy and Service of Iron Mountain. “The team at Unitas understands that businesses require reliable, scalable, cost-effective connectivity from all their office locations to their data and applications in our data centers. Unitas Global delivers neutral, high-performance, scalable managed access connectivity to the hybrid cloud community.”
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