Solutions Review: How to Eliminate Expensive and Unexpected Cloud Spend

Public clouds come with their fair share of complexity barriers. Many solution providers make their entire business model helping users get more out of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Workload and security solutions tend to take priority here. However, cost optimization should never be overlooked. 

Cloud costs often become higher than expected. A variety of issues cause this. To learn how to better optimize cloud costs, we chatted with Unitas Global founder and CTO, Grant Kirkwood. Unitas Global offers managed services for a variety of cloud needs. They also provide solutions for hybrid cloud and performance monitoring. Read more about them at the bottom of this post.

How can executives balance cloud costs and desired outcomes?

It starts with clearly defining the desired outcomes and aligning the entire team around those goals. Companies often fail to gain alignment, which leads to scope creep and increased costs.