ITW 2022: Meet The Network

Unitas Reach™ is the first global software defined network (SDN) to offer automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location. Our network is available from 900 carrier-neutral data centers and 30+ million enterprise locations in over 160 countries. The Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace, our automated connectivity platform, enables partners and enterprises to easily design, price, and order IP and Ethernet services, solving the challenge of designing and buying connectivity. Together, Unitas Nexus™ and Unitas Reach™ enable providers and enterprises to modernize the performance and optimize the costs of global cloud networks. Over the top of our global SDN, Unitas architected an IP network (AS1828) with unique peering architecture. Unitas direct peering bypasses the traditional Tier 1 IP provider transport entirely in order to deliver content and streaming media more efficiently for and between our customers.

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Avoiding a 7-Hour Network Outage

When networks unexpectedly fail, IT downtime can have a direct impact on your bottom line, business operations, and reputation. Unitas minimizes downtime for our clients—even in Internet-wide outages.

Everything You Need to Know About Flow Analytics

Flow analytics are vital for companies to have deep insight into the performance and health of data running in their network environment—and Unitas provides this information free of charge to IP customers.

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