Keeping Hybrid Cloud Agile

CIOs see the cloud as a predominant enabler of IT architecture and its modernization. They are increasingly migrating workloads and redirecting a greater share of their infrastructure spending to the cloud. While this migration represents a dramatic technology overhaul, tech executives also view it as a trigger to reevaluate IT functions.   CIOs are learning […]

TechTarget: What to Make of AWS’ Multi-Cloud Strategy, Or Lack Thereof

AWS eventually caved when it came to hybrid cloud. Some experts and partners say the same will happen with its multi-cloud strategy. Whether AWS accepts it or not, enterprises are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud model. Continue reading on Telecom Review North America …

AWS and Microsoft Continue Race for The JEDI Contract

While this is not a battle between the light and dark sides of the force, the effort to win the US Defense Department’s coveted Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract is intense. Unitas Global VP of Cloud Architecture, Chris Smith, explains here about the contract and illuminates the differences between Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. […]

Lessons from the Summit: 3 Things You Should Know

From serverless to security, migration to machine learning, and hybrid cloud, the recent AWS Summit in Chicago was buzzing with conversation. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we’ve broken down three of the biggest lessons we took from the conference and what they mean for your business in the cloud. 1: Flexibility Drives All At a time when many major enterprises are both trying to figure […]

Data Center Dynamics: Cloud wars: How the big three will shape this quarter

Amazon’s Q1 earnings report revealed Amazon Web Services sales grew 41 percent, bringing in $7.7 billion in revenue. AWS is the biggest player in the cloud market, and made 13 percent of Amazon’s total revenue for the quarter. But Google and Microsoft weren’t exactly napping the quarter away. Continue reading on Data Center Dynamics …

Google Throws Down a $13 Billion Gauntlet

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the major players in public cloud, owning 38% and 17% of the market respectively, while Google lags behind at about 8%. The recent announcement that Google would be making a $13 billion investment in their data centers in 2019 signaled an aggressive push to capture a larger slice of the […]

AWS Backup: How Amazon’s Disaster Recovery Solution Measures Up

In January, Amazon launched AWS Backup, a full data protection and disaster recovery solution. Information Week took a look at what the solution means for 3rd-party vendors and spoke to our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood about how backup solutions from other providers compare: “AWS Backup is a good way of simplifying backup across multiple […]

How AWS Balances Organic Growth and Acquisition

Lately Amazon has been experiencing exponential growth, acquiring two small cloud companies in January alone. CIO Dive took the opportunity to analyze how AWS has toed the line between organic, in-house growth and acquisitions. “Amazon has a history of consuming [its] children in the partner community,” either seizing upon something cool and acquiring it or […]