Cyxtera Adds Unitas Global’s SDN Fabric & Network Services to London Metro Data Centers

Connectivity to and between a variety of clouds and data centers has become crucial for enterprise IT as it moves to the edge. To best serve this need, Unitas Global and Cyxtera have collaborated in London to create an enhanced ecosystem. The solution could save London metro clients thousands of pounds on access fees while […]

Main Differentiators of Unitas Global’s Cloud Connectivity Solution (Video)

Are you struggling to determine how to move your data to the cloud? Overwhelmed with the logistics and options? The last thing you want is for your mission critical application to not perform optimally. Our Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) software allows you to price from any location or building that your enterprise is located in […]

Powering AI in the Enterprise

AI has skyrocketed into the enterprise in the last few years, promising to revolutionize every aspect of business. But operating the hardware required to run AI neural networks is expensive and a difficult burden that most companies cannot handle on their own. To take full advantage of AI as it matures, enterprises need the best cloud connection available. In […]

Keeping Connectivity in the Cold

In the winter of 2019, extreme cold weather caused widespread infrastructure damage across the northern US and Canada, causing some enterprises to lose cloud connectivity. Solutions Review sat down with our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood to talk disaster preparedness, recovery, and what to do if freezing temperatures reach your data center: “To ensure public […]

Google Throws Down a $13 Billion Gauntlet

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the major players in public cloud, owning 38% and 17% of the market respectively, while Google lags behind at about 8%. The recent announcement that Google would be making a $13 billion investment in their data centers in 2019 signaled an aggressive push to capture a larger slice of the […]