Keeping Hybrid Cloud Agile

CIOs see the cloud as a predominant enabler of IT architecture and its modernization. They are increasingly migrating workloads and redirecting a greater share of their infrastructure spending to the cloud. While this migration represents a dramatic technology overhaul, tech executives also view it as a trigger to reevaluate IT functions.   CIOs are learning […]

Data Gravity: How Google’s Cloud Storage Keeps You in Its Orbit

Google’s new Storage Growth Plan for Google Cloud is cheaper than its predecessor and allows for more predictability in storage prices. But does that predictability come at the cost of lock-in? With a little help from Unitas, TechTarget breaks down Google’s strategy to ensure their customers keep coming back for more: “Data gravity is a […]

Google Throws Down a $13 Billion Gauntlet

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the major players in public cloud, owning 38% and 17% of the market respectively, while Google lags behind at about 8%. The recent announcement that Google would be making a $13 billion investment in their data centers in 2019 signaled an aggressive push to capture a larger slice of the […]