Telecom Ramblings: Industry Spotlight – Unitas Global CTO Grant Kirkwood

In between the worlds of cloud computing and big bandwidth lies a complicated and rapidly changing network environment that many enterprises barely understand.  That has created an opportunity for managed network service providers to step in and make it all work.  If you think about the market as a whole, it’s incredibly fragmented.  If you’re a CTO trying to figure out your cloud connectivity strategy, the market has many point solutions: DIA, SDN, MPLS, SD-WAN, ExpressRoute, Direct Connect. Keep in mind, enterprise teams don’t architect networks every day. The service options are complex: traditional telcos are selling circuits; SD-WAN vendors selling appliances, whether physical or virtual, over the top or not; SDNs like Megaport and PacketFabric will get you to the cloud, but they can’t get back to your building. You have to sift through all these pieces, but what people are missing is that you also have to ensure they’re working together. You have to put all those pieces together to have a fully formed enterprise cloud connectivity solution. That’s the opportunity. That’s what Unitas solves for. Everything that Unitas does is to support that mission.

Rob Powell of Telecom Ramblings recently interviewed Unitas Global CTO, Grant Kirkwood about:

What does your global network infrastructure Unitas Reach look like today?
What geographies is Unitas seeing the most demand from today?
How does your Unitas Nexus platform fit into the picture?
Do you find the state of today’s SDN and automation technology to be sufficient?
Where do you see the opportunity in today’s connectivity market?

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