The Trade Desk Weighs in on New Ad Tech Trends

The ad tech industry looks set to break a trillion dollars this decade. As companies realize that online advertising means more than just Google and Facebook, purchasing decisions need to be made about a wider variety of services across a range of markets globally. Navigating those decisions requires data and, preferably, a guide. At the same time, streaming services like Netflix are moving toward adopting ad-driven models and away from subscriptions as consumers show preferences for watching ads as opposed to paying. This trend will create a whole new market for ad tech companies to tap.

The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green spoke with CNBC’s Closing Bell to discuss the growth of the industry:

There’s a huge opportunity in connected TV, because the average consumer was on Netflix…Amazon, and now the subscription models are less appealing than the ad-funded models…I think the majority of customers would rather see ads and pay less.”

  Watch the interview here

The opportunity in the ad tech industry requires a cloud infrastructure solution that enables low latency, fraud protection, and access to an ecosystem of digital advertising buyers and sellers. That’s where we come in. Learn more about Unitas Global Ad Tech solutions here

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