Unitas at WAN Summit: New York 2022

Unitas Global is thrilled to be sponsoring WAN Summit: New York on June 21st. WAN Summit: New York is a unique opportunity for managers of corporate IT networks to once again reconnect in person with peers from across the industry to share tips and experiences.




According to a recent IDC study, 80% of organizations around the world are expected to adopt modern, automated networks over the next two years. The combination of Unitas’ automated design and pricing platform, Unitas Nexus™, and its global network, Unitas Reach™, creates a compelling offering to enable digital transformation for enterprise WAN. These platforms are uniquely positioned to leverage innovative automation and software-defined networking technologies to meet the needs of enterprises modernizing their digital infrastructure.


Unitas Nexus™ enables customers to simplify and consume complex SD-WAN solutions globally. Unlike any simple pricing tool, Unitas Nexus™ is the industry’s only carrier-neutral platform that leverages a knowledge base of geospatial data with a sophisticated route map and algorithm to design and price thousands of SD-WAN locations in minutes.


The network that makes SD-WAN successful

Unitas Reach™ with over 1,100 interconnected networks reaching 50 million edge locations, has become the SD-WAN underlay network of choice for optimizing enterprise WAN networks. Remote offices and enterprise locations can be connected to the SD-WAN overlay network via Layer 2 or Layer 3, with either physical or virtual software configured on the edge device.


Further, Unitas’ AS1828 donut peering provides better access for broadband-connected SD-WAN users to both virtual SD-WAN gateway appliances that connect cloud environments to the SD-WAN network, as well as physical SD-WAN gateway appliances in centrally located data centers throughout the world.


From ensuring the best SD-WAN experience for an organization by providing DIA and wireless connectivity across worldwide locations to improving availability of a client’s systems between their manufacturing plants and branch offices by providing SaaS On-Ramp, Unitas makes clients’ WAN plans a reality.


Unitas Global is excited to be in-person at WAN Summit: New York next month as we continue to enable the modernization of enterprise wide area networks by simplifying SD-WAN. To request that Unitas analyze your estate, click here.

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