Unitas CTO on Cybersecurity and Chinese Hacks

Cybersecurity continues to be a major concern for the enterprise, particularly when considering the rise in hacking attempts from China and Russia on US businesses. Our CTO and co-founder Kirkwood spoke with Forbes about cybersecurity threats, the different types of hackers, and what companies can do to protect themselves:

“Generally speaking, there’s a major difference between lone wolf hackers and Chinese-backed hackers. Lone wolf hackers tend to compromise personal information or encrypt data, and demand payment to unlock it for personal monetary gain, known as ransomware. Institutional hacking, on the other hand, tends to be more intrinsic in terms of its value. It is directed at companies that have some kind of intellectual property that another organization wants to use for its own benefit.

There are reported instances of intellectual property theft where Chinese companies have taken that intellectual property and developed their own product off of it, gotten it to market sooner and made a lot of money.”

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