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Walmart Takes Ads In-House, Aims at Ad Tech

Walmart advertising ad tech

Retail giant Walmart recently moved its advertising sales and related analytics in-house. Now they’re gearing up to take on a market controlled by Google, Facebook, and, most recently, Amazon—and with 300 million customers visiting their stores every month, they appear to be a strong contender. More importantly, Walmart’s shift points to a larger trend in the ad tech market, one that smaller ad tech companies might be able to use to their advantage.

“Ad tech, one of our strongest vertical markets, is currently experiencing a major shift. While digital advertising has long been a duopoly between Google and Facebook, the news of Walmart bringing their advertising in-house is yet another example of the market beginning to fragment. Amazon took the first shot across the bow a few years ago and is making huge gains at the expense of Google and Facebook, and Walmart appears to be following suit with their recent announcement. Our ad tech customers are pleased with the changes, saying that the outward growth in the market will enable them to compete more effectively.” — Scott Walker, CMO at Unitas Global (speaking exclusively to MarTech Advisor)

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